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 Below are some useful tips that could be helpful.

1)  Early diagnosis, early definition of extent of disease, early initiation of support measures and continuous monitoring of the dynamics of an illness, prior to the commencement of specific therapy, determine the final outcome in the journey to get well. Excel is committed to the achievement of success in the individual patient by insisting that from the onset a consultant’s assessment is a sine qua non.

2)  You are responsible for your health, and the health of your family. So you must ask the doctor questions on his prescriptions. And please remember to listen while your doctor explains to you the reason for his decisions and expectations. Remember that re-dress, no matter how successful, never restores a lost limb.

3)  Is your family fully immunized? Children and their maids, daddy and mummy and their staff? Today, you can all be checked out for HIV, HBsAg and other communicable diseases and appropriate immunizations given.

4)   You desire referrals to any part of the world? You can do it yourself if you insist on it. At excelcyberlib (24-hour online cafe), you can be assisted to make a choice.   Be warned however, that any unnecessary evacuation or referral depletes our national reserves, and weakens our health system incredibly. We then become dependant on the travels.

5)    Invest in the development of our health care system by patronizing our facilities and others. Or have you already made arrangements for “quick” evacuation to a facility abroad? Even on weekends!

       Now here is the catch. Any emergency that really deserves an evacuation will not benefit from the travel eventually unless the patient has first been resuscitated and packaged within the critical first hour. Think about it now! In more than 90% of such cases that is the most critical care that points at the organs of affectation and stabilizes them. This first point of call must be sharp and responsive. What is left can be managed without tension; rehabilitation and all.


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