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We offer a broad range of services on childcare and adult treatment. Below are our major services.

 1) Preventive paediatric care - Including all aspects of immunization, routine consultations and investigation for different age groups and counselling.          

 2) Preventive executive care - Including all aspects of adult immunizations, comprehensive medical checks involving full blood works, urine check, full cardiovascular assessment, liver, renal and blood fat levels, serotyping.

3)  Pediatric treatment and rehabilitation - Including treatment of diseases in neonatology, neurology, haematology, cardiology and non-surgical ENT and chest and general pediatrics, including allergies.

4)  Adolescent care - Involving extensive counselling

5)  Paediatric surgical diagnosis and treatment - Including neonatal surgery, surgeries in children spanning the abdomen, chest, spina bifida, V-P shunts, foot equinovarus deformities, limb deformities, genitourinary surgeries in male and female children, burns treatment, fractures and wounds, specific surgical congenital abnormalities.

6)  Gynaecological surgeries  -  Emergency uterine evacuation, uterine tumours and fibroids, ovarian tumours, acute gynecological bleeds e.g ectopic gestation, total abdominal hysterectomy, gynecological investigations (HSG, Pelvic scan, PAP smear).

7)  ENT -  Removal of foreign bodies, ear washouts, adenotonsillectomies, repair of pinna deformities, repair of cleft lip and palate.

8)  Neurosurgery - Emergency boreholes and drainage of extradural and subdural haematomata and haemostasis.

9) Orthopedics - Reduction and immobilization of dislocations and fractures of long bones and joints, internal fixation, external fixation of extensive soft tissue injuries in association with fractures repair of club foot.

10) Urology - Complete investigation of the upper and lower urinary tract, repair of PUJ obstructions, removal of kidney, ureteric and bladder stones, neproducterectomies for tumours, prostatectomy, repair of epispadias, exstrophies and hypospadias and other penile abnormalities.

11) General medical care - Routine consultations for adults, where primary health care needs are offered. These include comprehensive medical checks, out-patient care for minor health worries and designs for staff health programmes for different organizations.



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