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Laboratory Services:

A modern well-equipped laboratory serves our hospital needs and is open 24hrs a day. Investigations done include a wide range of microbiological, chemical pathological and haematological tools:

Haematology                                              Serology

FBC /MP /ESR                                             HIV I&II

Genotype and Sickling                                   HbsAg

Blood group                                                  BHCG pregnancy test

Blood films reports                                         Widal (typhoid) test


Parasitology                                                ASO titre

Malaria parasites                                           G6PD

Microfilaria                                                    MANTOUX

Stool analysis for parasites                            Rheumatoid factor

Urine analysis for parasites                            Prostate specific antigen 

Blood analysis for parasites                         

Chemical Pathology

SUEC (renal function)

LFT (liver function)

Serum Cholesterol

Serum Triglycerides

Serum Proteins

Serum Calcium

Uric Acid

Acid Phosphatase

Serum Amylase


Microscopy, cultures and sensitivities of samples of urine, blood, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid and various aspirates and swabs are done regularly.

Histopathology / Cytology

Referrals to reputable consultant pathologists for slide preparation and studies are done, and good results are obtained especially when biopsy specimens have been well selected, targeted, biopsied and preserved before the referral.

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