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Ultrasound Scan and ECG unit

With a modern COMBISON 310A, regular studies of the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, arterial and various supplies of abdominal structures, and the pelvic organs are done on a 24hr basis.

A 4-phase Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 ECG machine with instant interpretation is available.

Radiological unit

Similarly a 24-hour X-ray unit studies, radiologically, the entire skeletal system, the chest, abdomen, skull; and special  tests like IVU, HSG, oral cholecystogram, micturating urethrocystogram 

Emergency unit personnel

All hands are on deck under the consultants when an emergency presents at Excel. All the units are quickly notified and well postured to handle the emergencies. The pattern of emergencies re-enforce our capability and the adequacy of our quick response for more than 95% of the emergencies. The pattern shows that trauma, especially home trauma constitutes the largest cause of emergencies: -

1.    Trauma (home, road traffic, violent crimes, burns.

2.     Respiratory emergencies (bronchial asthma)

3.     Body fluid deficits (diarrhoea + vomiting)

4.     Central nervous system (convulsions and very high fever CVA/strokes.)

5.     Acute abdomen (appendicitis, gall bladder disease, urinary calculus)

6.     Skeletal painful situations (including SCD, acute backaches, stiff necks)

7.     Psychiatry.

Our emergency room is equipped with a couch, oxygen-delivery systems, continuous ECG monitoring, a defibrillator, an oxygen compressor, and ready packs for IV fluid delivery.


Our surgical theatre with its recovery room is equipped to handle minor, sub major, major and super-major operations. A modern theater table with easy-to- use adjusters and multiple breaks, a 6-bulb mobile theater light, a diathermy machine, simple anaesthetic machine, pulse oxymeters, a defilrillator with continuous ECG monitor and suction machines are some of the equipments that make our procedures standard. The theatre is fully air-conditioned.


The endoscopy unit utilizes rigid endoscopes to study the upper and lower gastro intestinal tracts, the larynx and trachea, urethra and bladder. Cases of lower intestinal tract dysfunction, especially bleeding, FB oesophagus/larynx; lower urinary tract dysfunction and bleeding are fully investigated.


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